A brave man is not the one who can't feel the fear, but the one who has conquered the fear.


Don't get used to the darkness.


Even if it is firmly seize the hell.


I have repeatedly reminded you that the liberation struggle is not a fight against any group or race, but a struggle against a system of oppression.


Never want to rule an oppressed clan in the name of the chief, but in the name of a soldier to join the cause of national liberation.


Don't worry, relax and be happy!


After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb。


People who take big risks often have to take big responsibilities.


I hope all the people in the world have jobs, bread, water and salt.


Liberty means not only to get rid of the shackles of one's own, but also to live in a way that respects and increases the freedom of others.


People will not be able to just do nothing, which said, no reaction, protests against oppression, not for the construction of a good society, good life and efforts.


In the long and lonely years, my desire to be free of my own people has become a desire for all, including the white and the black, to be free.


The dark layers have no bottom.


As a leader, it is best to lead in the rear, so that other people stand on the front line, especially in celebration of victory or a good thing, but in danger, you have to stand on the front line. In this way, people will appreciate your leadership.


I am determined to continue fighting for freedom, until the end of my days.


If there is the will and commitment to seek peace policy, then South Africa will always be in the conflict in the country can follow the example.


A brave man is not without fear, but to conquer fear people.


The oppressed and the oppressed need to be liberated. The man who took the liberty of others was a prisoner of hatred, and he was imprisoned by the prejudice of the iron gate of the short-sighted.


Judge a nation not to see how it treats its people, but to see how it treats the poor or the poor.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world。


If you are bright, the world will not be dark. If you have hope, the world will not despair. If you don't give in, what can the world do to you.


One of the advantages of the age is that people will respect you for your gray hair, and speak a variety of compliments, but these words may not be consistent with your own.


We must make wise use of time, we must always realize that the timing of justice is ripe.


I'm ready to pay the price for the outcome, even though I know how painful it will be, even though I know the despair of an African in the country's prisons.


I am the captain of my soul.


Progress is by no means an individual effort, and it is always the result of collective effort, a victory for the group.


Our greatest fear is not from our shortcomings, but because we are so powerful. Often, it's not our weakness, but our strengths, that make us feel threatened.


Everything seems impossible until it is finished.


In order to seek peace with the enemy, you need to work with the enemy, and then he will become your partner.


An educated person will not be oppressed, because he has the ability to think independently.


Hate is like a prison, forgive others, is equal to the sublimation of their own.


After climbing a high mountain, you will find that there are more mountains waiting for you.


However, even if the years are not stop intimidation.


Respect the enemy of the past, respect for the people of today.


If the sky is dark, then dark survival; if the sound is dangerous, it is silent; if conscious weakness glowing, then crouched in the corner.


Our greatest fear is not that we have no power, our greatest fear is that we have no power. It is our light, not our darkness that makes us shocked.


It always seems impossible until its done。