The reflection of water, the song of the wind.


Clear, well years.


I know, but how can I be?


I have no time to cross examine my mind.


No wonder she says forever is a lie.


Where to find a misty earth and sympathy?


Love, don't love. Always in the farewell.


Is the heart leak but patience, tired of this dream!


Life has long been described her style, too weak.


You are warm, you are warm, you are the world in June day.


Life, you are a piece of music, I am singing.


Recognize this transparent body, the wisdom of the leaves fall in the world?


You are the April day of the world, smile lit all around the wind.


You are my kind of antecedents, who am I to retribution.


Yesterday, yesterday, the United States still can not escape the majesty of time.


Life is just a force, death is a silent hate.


You have to forget I have lived in this world.


What we call life today, after which it is history.


Keep the train tracks, mountains, water, Chen dead tomb.


You are the love, is warm, is the hope, you are the April day of the earth!


Old people worry or complain much tenderness amidst the Yin poem lively wreck.


This, always silent and depressed is dead the most cruel place.


This is a rudder, and you don't have to work harder to turn it around.


The answer is very long, I have to use my life to answer you, ready to listen to me?


Forget shyness, turned to a bunch of crazy, said in front of you.


Life has long described her style, is too weak, is a beautiful imagination.


I lowered the sail, rejected the lure of the sea, the waves beat the escape.


Just like that, like talking to visitors, I sink in static sipping tea silently.


The night your hand holding my hand, lost its blockade of heavy sorrow starry night.


Is you, is a flower, is a dream, here, at the moment the wind waved to me.


Ten days to see the picture, you can sing the days are ancient things.


Love is a fate placed under the board. A short moment, a long time forever.


No one has ever said anything about August, summer has passed, it's not autumn.


That night you and I divided the direction, two people each recognize the appearance of life.


The cold winter has a purpose, like the flowers, flowers and flowers, winter is a memory.


She laughs forever is the lie that people make, to comfort the disappearance of love, the pain of death.


The answer is very long, I am ready to use a lifetime of time to answer, you are ready to listen to it?


You gave me life can not bear the heavy, I will use my life to repay you.


But who can penetrate the illusory transformation, who boldly loved the great transformation?


No wonder she laughs forever is a lie that people made, who and boldly loved this great transformation?


I sleep, your gentle poem I remember, you may wish to make shade buds at ease.


Flowers are flowers of silence, color, she is not cautious. She was disabled, injustice, no hate.


Who has no memory of the stems, and two or three flower painting, a mood of flowers, ring expansion.


Planted some good seeds, just for peace of mind; make some good wishes, continue to wait.


Building houses and buildings is not a matter of building a house is to build up the house, and the building is a kind of art.


Where do you start? Until you have to speak, what words are so slim to find a source.


Don't you know that you are a very funny little kid paper? Chung green, you do not know that you are too beautiful?


A stream, water day and night, students are running, in the absence of permanent! Just one back, it's a comfort.


Happiness is a matter of how luxurious, life is always too much regret, from not you I indulge happiness.


You don't need the same comfort care for children today, and thousands of portraits long forgotten you died for who!


Healthy travel can see landscape Temple scenic spots, but also can know the simplicity of the mainland customs.


You are in the early days of April clouds, the soft wind blowing at dusk, in Xingzi inadvertently, the rain sprinkled on the flowers.


I am not a window, not before leaving to move out after they do not know how to live on it.


You are a tree a tree flowers, Yan the beam whisper. You are the love, is warm, is the hope, you are the April day of the earth.


Now even the cloudy yellow leaves are all fallen, the rest of the grey sky a thorough loneliness, you can listen to the monologue of the cold?


We will not open to close your eyes will not fall asleep, wandering in the edge of reason and emotion, we will not be expected.


Love, don't love, always in the farewell. Goodbye, not out of bounds, maybe the only known retreat, after wandering skies.


On that day everything is saved than a flash, a breath of wind less traces, you have to forget I have lived in this world.


I also know that every day is how much coincidental decentralized to piece together the pattern, but I also doubt during the patterning of who is in charge.


I would rather transformed into a leaf, let the wind and rain hither and thither; clouds, or a flower, in orange and blue sky, and earth no implicated.


No matter how you hide, want to retain youthful innocence, time will still relentlessly in your face leave imprinted with ring of wind and frost.


Forget had the world; you; mourning who had been in love; falling like the fall do, forget to these tears in the mood.


The seasons on earth are always constantly change, spring, you left more residual red, lightly farewell, not intending to return to whom sigh autumn!


Only the lonely sitting off, to regain the hustle and bustle; the sad as, to regain smile; the bitter tasted to nature back to Gan.


Depression, clear kindness, that day, like a flash of cold flame, a leaf silent plunging to the ground, proof to the loneliness of wisdom, zero's lonely will eventually die in front of the wind!


But hold the sad signs to contact in case of no landing perplexed; in the evening, night shift, crept up foot walk, all is vanity, and don't have the gentle.


You are the world in April day laugh ring lit up surrounded by the brisk wind in the spring of Guangyan hand dance with you is a tree a tree bloom is Yan in the beam between the twittering.


If my heart is a flower, in the middle of Qing, a branch of light wax, Yingying, though single is then a light, I want it proudly holding a brilliant.


A poetic Chihiro waterfall, eternal world April day. Person's life can not only love a person, she said with a smile, love is just a fate placed under the board.


On the death, we just always be in a daze, swallowing Kuse tears until the time to exploit the plaintive sharp, scab node every time we mourn over the wound.


Liuniansishui, too hastily, some stories not really began. It was written in the last; some people are not a good love, traveler.


Day last night, rain washed hills shone on the sun and leave a piece of shadow; sheep follow the shepherd turned into the village, under a big tree cover a well, and looks like a heart!


The night your hand holding my hand, lost the starry night blockade lifting worry. That night you and I divided the direction, two people each recognize the appearance of life.


Perhaps this is the cost of annual rings, each person must pay the price, the time does not allow you to bargain, the dispersed, will no longer belong to you.


Our sleeping porch, yangshou contemplation cornice shadow, watching the cold months infested cloud base, stars appear and disappear from time to time, natural and artificial, carefree and leisurely soluble synthetic dream, the taste is profound.


But I don't believe it yet in boiling, the idea is still paved on the road, the number of layers, willing to let the horses dealings blasted press, stay and blooms from the ground, and the other a complete.


The wrong people, both are thousands away, finally get together, to join the world. No person, are also as close at hand, a stranger, a meet.


No one has ever said anything about August, summer has passed, it's not autumn. But I looked at the ridge, the earth wall melon, still do not understand how life and dream connect.


Each person's life is a journey, but the path is different, the direction of choice is different, the emotion is different, and the story is also different.


Of course, the old injury worry too much; a poem was like a beautiful securities market can according to cash! So the court spent, Luanhong, dusk, lonely too freely, poetry often lose honesty.